Bit Bar – Executive Chef

Bit Bar is looking for an Executive Chef! The Executive Chef will be an integral part of the Bit Bar Management Team and will guide  their shared love of Arcade Games, Beer, Good Food & Good Times to success on the North Shore. This is a hands-on role that requires time, sweat and enthusiasm. They are looking for an expert; someone with style and experience to guide the kitchen staff through busy and demanding service, especially during Salem’s legendarily busy October season.

Experience with seasonality is a plus; they do live in a snowbound state and the winters demand special attention and care to keep the restaurant open and interesting during the slower months. Being in Salem, Massachusetts, every October is a challenge – the whole month is busy with customers coming in from all over the country to experience the spooky season, culminating in Halloween – easily the busiest day of the year.

The changing seasonality also requires a lot of care regarding the influx and efflux of necessary staffing levels as business demands – they are an independent business, and keeping labor costs down as much as possible is necessary for their continued existence. The ideal candidate must have management experience, and experience with high business volume.

Primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • Hiring & training kitchen staff, weekly scheduling and supervision as well as final quality control of expo
  • Cooking on the line with kitchen staff – with the understanding that necessary time will be scheduled to attend to other duties
  • Implementing training to increase kitchen staff knowledge about safety, sanitation and accident prevention
  • Designing menu (and future menu adaptation) in collaboration with Management, including size of menu, acquisition of best food and produce from local vendors, and menu pricing
  • Working with Management to best utilize existing inventory control systems, as well as the requisition and maintenance of necessary kitchen equipment and other supplies
  • Working with Management to establish controls to minimize waste and implement best loss prevention practices
  • Preparing annual budget; projecting annual food and labor costs, monitoring actual financial results and taking corrective action where necessary to help assure that financial goals are met
  • Ensuring sanitation and cleanliness are maintained throughout kitchen areas at all times
  • In addition to dry and wet food inventory maintenance, the Executive Chef is responsible for scheduling and checking accuracy of all incoming food and produce deliveries


  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience as an Executive Chef (with references)
  • Experience includes both A La Carte and event food preparation.
  • Experience working in the greater Boston area
  • Effective & adaptive problem solver
  • Capable of delegating multiple tasks to multiple staff members
  • Excellent & efficient communication skills
  • An ideal candidate will also have experience with:
  • Toast inventory control
  • Pizza menu design and product preparation
  • Computer ordering with various vendors

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $65,000.00 per year (Negotiable based upon experience)

COVID-19 considerations: All staff will be required to wear a mask while on premises during business hours. Management will determine implementation or removal of further procedures as necessary.

Kitchen management: 2 years (Required)
Cooking: 5 years (Required)

Shift Availability:
Day Shift (Preferred)
Night Shift (Preferred)

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