Bird&Wolf American Craft Bar + Chop – All Positions

Bird&Wolf American Craft Bar + Chop is a new restaurant opening in North Andover, Massachusetts. Their philosophy centers around bridging the gap between the modern and natural worlds. By combining an innovative menu and a biophilic design they reconnect their customers with nature throughout the dining experience. Bird&Wolf redefines the possibilities of the restaurant industry while also promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

In keeping with their focus on healthy living, Bird&Wolf is a non-smoking environment.

Bird&Wolf is now hiring. They are accepting applications for the following positions:

● Barista – Full and part time.
● Supervisor – Full time.

● Floor manager – Full time
● Sommelier/ floor manager – Full time.
● Supervisor – Full time.
● Host – Full and part time.
● Server – Full and part time.
● Bartender – Full and part time.
● Bar back – Full and part time.
● Back waiter – Full and part time.

● Line Cook – Full and part time.
● Prep Cook – Full and part time.
● Pastry Cook – Full and part time.
● Dishwasher – Full and part time.

To apply, send your resume to the email address provided below.

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