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The Barback at Bar Mezzana is the support structure for the bar team to craft guest experience. They are responsible for seeing that the bartenders have all of the mise-en-place for their stations stocked throughout service, as well as ensuring the bars tools and glassware are being cleaned and stocked appropriately during service. Barbacks will also begin to learn how to interact with guests and craft experiences for people sitting at the bar. Barbacks report directly to the Beverage Director.


Each member of the Front of House team is part of a pooled tip structure. You begin sharing in the tip pool after training, and your share of the pool is determined by position and level of experience. It is an hourly percentage of the pool taken in 15 minute increments and based on a point system.


Successful Barbacks will cultivate relationships with the entire FOH and BOH teams, specifically clear lines of communications with both Bartenders and Bar Apprentices to properly help them in their primary functions, and to ask for help and support when needed.


  • Juicing citrus for bar service
  • Stocking flatware and glassware on the bar
  • Washing glassware used behind the bar
  • Restocking glass shelves and chillers throughout service
  • Refilling mise-en-place for bartenders: syrups, ice, citrus, etc.
  • Efficient setup and breakdown of the bar for daily service
  • Beginning to learn how to interact with guests and answer questions in regards to Bar
  • Mezzana’s offerings
  • Beginning to learn to craft cocktails with precision


  • May be tasked on occasion to prep mise-en-place for the bar: syrups, infusions, etc.
  • May be tasked occasionally with counting inventory
  • May be tasked with a deep clean of the bar and storage areas of the restaurant
  • Option to attend bimonthly meetings with Apprentices and Bar Team


Restaurant or food service experience preferred but not required


  • Having an exceedingly strong work ethic
  • Being consistently approachable by staff
  • Deriving joy from learning and teaching
  • Creating positive, respectful, and effective relationships
  • Finding fulfillment in the happiness of others
  • Seeking fulfillment in the success of others
  • Being passionate about all aspects of hospitality and restaurant culture
  • Being capable of solving problems through creative and critical thinking
  • Taking constructive criticism well
  • Possessing great organizational and prioritization skills
  • Creativity, willingness to take risks, a thirst for the industry, the ability to actualize long term goals, resilience to failure, respect for others insights and experience and the belief that teamwork makes a dream work.

Please contact Ashley Thomo at the email below.

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How to apply

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