APIZZA – Pizza Chef

PIZZA Chefs:
Calling all pizza lovers!

APIZZA, the newest venture by MIDA duo, Chef Douglass Williams and Seth Gerber, is opening its doors at Hub Hall at TD Garden. The APIZZA team is looking to hire pizza fenatics that want to cook and serve some of the best pies in Boston. As part of the new expansive Hub Hall in North Station, APIZZA will be a social and fun environment for the people of Boston, commuters and casual diners alike.

Those passionate about the art of making pizza and pizza cookery will have an opportunity to hone their craft in a fast paced and hands on environment. The pizza chefs will be an important part of the guest experience and must be comfortable interacting with customers and working in an open kitchen.

About the Restaurant

APIZZA is a quick service restaurant that makes 100% of its own dough and cooks pizza to order by hand
Their menu features two styles of pizza
New Haven Neo-Neopolitan: thin and lightly charred crust
Roman Pizza: thick and airy dough with tons of creative toppings
We’re focused on creating a highly interactive and high energy style of service in take-out environment

As a company, encouraging their culinary team is the top priority. They would like to find chefs that believe that they can execute a world class product within a quick-service model. The goal is to build a team that believes in the spirit of great hospitality and cuisine within a fun loving environment. Anyone looking for an opportunity to have fun and make amazing pizza should apply..

APIZZA will offer highly competitive wages, gratuities for cooks, and an excellent quality of life. They are an equal opportunity employer.

Interested applicants should email the address below

Show me how to apply

How to apply

Email: apizza@midaboston.com

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