AC Kitchen – Executive Sous Chef, Line & Prep Cooks

AC Kitchen is looking for an Executive Sous Chef, Line Cooks and Prep Cooks to complete their team as they open a new upscale, speakeasy restaurant concept.

AC Kitchen is a growing organic food brand currently serving clients from Boston to NYC as well as virtually.

Their latest venture is an upscale, nutrition-forward full service dining concept located in the Wink + Nod venue in Boston’s South End.

At the helm is Chef Allen Campbell who brings years of industry experience, in-depth knowledge of nutrition and creative talent to craft a one-of a kind food experience.

Allen’s publications, menus, and meal plans are helping to shape a better future for American food culture. His organic, seasonal approach accommodates the growing demand for nutrition-forward menus at all levels of the food service industry.

Executive Sous Chef / second to chef owner.
The ideal candidate for the role will be knowledgeable in the following:

5 years management experience in an upscale, professional kitchen.
Traditional, modern and plant-based cuisine.
Pastry and baking.
Specialized dietary needs
Basic to intermediate knowledge of nutrition/sports nutrition and common dietary guidelines
Sustainable and ethical food operation practices
Fluent in English
Preferred but not mandatory education:

*AAS – Culinary Arts/Hospitality Management

This position is full time – 35+ hours a week.
*Competitive salary based on experience.

Line Cooks/Prep Cooks
3 years experience working in an upscale, professional kitchen.
Knowledge of knife cuts and traditional cooking methods.
Organization and sanitary practices.
Fluent in English

These positions are full time – 35+ hours a week.
*Competitive hourly wage based on experience.

Please inquire with resume, cover letter, website and/or social accounts.

*Will provide training for qualified candidate.

*Note: The AC Kitchen website is private and will not come up in a google search. Learn more about Chef Allen Campbell online here.
First interviews are over via video call. Second interviews are in person, socially distant.

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