Wining & Dining in Western Mass

Priest Ranch Wines

Blind tasting wine isn’t a skill many people have mastered, but if you’re going to practice anything it might as well be drinking wine. It also helps when you’re being instructed by a pro: escape the city to the Red Lion Inn on Tuesday, October 23rd for a wine tasting and dinner featuring Napa Valley’s Somerston and Priest Ranch Vineyards. You’ll start at 6:00pm with a blind tasting of three flights led by Somerston’s Craig Becker, who will guide you through the finer points of smelling, swirling, and sipping. Then you’ll sit for a family-style dinner where the wines will be revealed and enjoyed alongside lamb brought straight from the pasture at Somerston Ranch. It’s $80 for this delicious educational outing, and the Inn is offering a 30% discount on rooms if you decide to make a night of it. Click this way to make your reservation.

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