Wild Mushroom Dinner with Tyler Akabane

Tyler Akabane Instagram

Take your tastebuds on an adventure at Forage’s Wild Mushroom Dinner on Tuesday, October 12th. The night will be filled with four courses paired with four wines and the chance to meet and chat with Tyler Akabane, the mushroom forager himself! Akabane is a Boston-based hunter of fungi (and other native, edible plants), soon to have his own mushroom shop in Somerville thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign. He’s bringing the goods right to chef Eric Cooper and the kitchen crew who’ll make them into the menu below, while co-owner/wine master Stan Hilbert selects wines to accompany the scavenged goodies. The dinner costs $90 per person with an optional cheese course (for an extra $25). Take a peek at the full spread below and reserve your seat online to dive into mushroom season.

Mushroom Menu:

2019 Muscadet Sans Soufre, Louise Chéreau, “Katharos”
Shrimp Mushrooms
Little Leaf Lettuces, Ginger Vinaigrette, Grilled Bread, Black Walnut Butter

2020 Bouche du Soleil, Les Enfants Sauvages, Roussillon
Seared Matsutakes
Spaghetti Squash Pancakes, Mint, Pickled Red Onion

2018 Chenas, Clos des Vignes du Mayne
Hanger Steak or Braised Heiwa Tofu
Kale Braised with Hen of the Woods & Hedgehog Mushrooms, Cauliflower & Broccoli, Mushroom Demi

Optional Paired Cheese Course ($25 extra)
Silvio Carta, Valle del Tirso Vernaccia
Invierno, Sheeps Milk, VT Shepherd
Shiitake Mushroom Jam, Fruit Preserves

2019 “Ptite Gaby”, Clairette de Die, Achard-Vincent
Chocolate Soup
Whipped Cream, Sweet Porcini Dust, Spicebush Biscotti

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