Vigilia di Natale at Sage

Chef-owner Anthony Susi definitely doesn’t buy into the whole too-many-chefs-spoil-the-broth philosophy – and it’s a lucky thing for Boston diners who, thanks to Susi, can enjoy dishes from seven of the city’s top chefs on one menu. Susi celebrates Vigilia di Natale at Sage on Wednesday, December 17th with an all seafood menu featuring dishes from Anthony Caturano of Prezza, Gabriel Frasca of Straight Wharf, Josh Ziskin of La Morra, Rodney Murillo of Avila, Rick Gencarelli of Shelburne Farms, Charles Draghi of Erbaluce and Dante de Magistris of dante. The evening gets underway at 6:00pm with a reception followed by dinner at 7:00pm. The $140 price tag covers dinner and accompanying wines but not tax or gratuity. Call Sage at 617.248.8814 to make reservations.

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