Tour the Town with A Taste of Cambridge

Taste of Cambridge

Everyone can be an honorary Cantabrigian as the Taste of Cambridge is back and better (and bigger) than ever. It’s time to get your restaurant passport and start planning your dining strategy through the 50+ participating restaurants square by square. The Taste is a great chance to lift up the local restaurant industry (which really took a beating during Covid) and have a couple of great nights out at the same time.

Here’s how this year’s passport works: First, donate $30 to get your passport, which directly supports local restaurant workers and nonprofits. Next, head out to any four participating restaurants before September 16th and spend $25 or more and get your passport stamped. When you’ve collected four stamps, submit your passport before the September deadline to receive four randomly-selected $25 Dining Dollar Vouchers from the participating spots —which you can then use to check out someplace new, or head to a place you already love.

It’s truly a who’s who list of participating restaurants, so getting stamps should be a snap. Head to Bar Enza for the Yesterday’s 100 Layer Lasagna, Forage for Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms, Russell House Tavern for oysters, State Park for a Gas Station Charcuterie Board — and many more stamp-worthy experiences. A complete list of restaurants and passport signups are available here, (plus answers to most commonly asked questions). Stamps can only be collected for dining in person (no takeout). You can visit the same place as many times as you want when filling your passport, but surely you’ll want to try a little of everything. Once you get your vouchers, use them between October 24th and February 10th of next year, which gives you a little time to spread the love. Follow The Taste of Cambridge on Instagram for updates and highlights throughout the event, and get out there and start your tour de Cambridge!

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