Throw Mom a Pizza Party


Throw your mom a Mother’s Day pizza party with pies (and more) from Za. The Cambridge location of Peter McCarthy’s popular pizza joint has put together a festive menu fit for four to five people (nothing wrong with leftovers though so don’t sweat it if you’re group’s a bit smaller) for $69. Just head over to the Za website to scope out all your options then pick three pizzas, two salads and dessert (there’s only one dessert actually but it’s hazelnut brown-butter brownie bites so it’s all good). There are drinks to be had, too if you think mom might want to crack open a bottle of wine or enjoy a cold beer on her big day. Once you know what you (and, more importantly, mom) want, get your order in before 2:00pm on Saturday, May 9th – just call 617.452.9292 to arrange pick-up or delivery.

ORDER DEADLINE: 2:00pm on Saturday, May 9th

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