Guac Off 2019

The Painted Burro Facebook

Think you’ve guac what it takes to be a champion? The Painted Burro is hosting a guacamole throw-down and they’re making sure everybody has a chance at the crown. On Sunday, April 28th, avocadon’t miss your shot at guac glory, when a panel of local and highly-qualified celebrity judges will put ten finalists to the test and award a $400 Painted Burro gift card to the most outstanding recipe submitted, which will achieve eternal glory by earning a place on the menu. Attendees will be able to taste their way through the other entrants’ offerings and a $100 gift card will be awarded to the People’s Choice guacamole. Tickets are just $5, proceeds benefit the No Kid Hungry Campaign, and avocados are good for you—there’s literally no reason not to dust of that recipe and give it a shot. Snag your ticket and submit your guac by clicking here.

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