Oscars Party at The Butcher Shop

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Watching the Oscars on your couch in the living room isn’t nearly as fun as watching from The Butcher Shop surrounded by South Enders who range from casual viewers to cinema super fans. Sure, you’ll have to put on pants to leave the house but the complimentary meats and cheeses at TBS are certainly worth struggling with your zipper for, yes? Get there on Sunday, February 24th between 6:30 and 8:00pm to snag the pre-show charcuterie and fromage, then stick around for the full 91st Academy Awards ceremony and Oscar-themed specials, including a signature one-night-only cocktail. Head over on the early side for your chance to fill out a ballot with who you think might win (aka your favorites) — if your guesses are correct, you’ll go home with a gift card to the Tremont Street neighborhood joint. Make a reservation for the evening here.

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