Terra Presents: Summer Cocktail Dinner Party

Eataly Boston

Eataly’s Terra, the flower-decked, third-floor restaurant at the Back Bay’s Italian oasis, is ready for both summer and the lifting of Covid-restrictions with their Summer Cocktail Dinner Party. Think: traveling through the streets of Italy, trying wood-fired street treat after treat, a cocktail from Eataly’s latest pop-up, Branca Bar, in hand. That’s what they’ve got planned for the seasonal solstice — from Monday, June 21st til Wednesday, June 23rd.

Purchase a ticket (priced at $95 each to partake of cocktails and street food, as well as a raffle, where you can win an official Fernet Branca 2020 Coin (find the story here) but the TLDR is that these coins aren’t bought, they’re earned through being a dutiful member of the ‘tending community. But if you’re the lucky winner of Terra’s raffle, you can receive one without being a bartender at all! That said, you will have the chance to act as bartender during the event by hand-garnishing your own drinks. You’ll even get cocktail-recipe cards so you can try mixing cocktails a casa

Expect cocktail greatness at this event, as beverage experts Gregg Guertin and Maggie Cruz will be crafting the Italian-inspired twists on classic cocktails, along with a visit from Fratelli Branca, the Milan-based 200 year-old distillery home to many renowned spirits. And for a special night on June 23rd, Edoardo Branca, Managing Director of Branca USA, will pay a visit to the event-goers and join in the fun learning and teaching about all of Branca’s spirited offerings.

Be sure to grab your tickets online as soon as you can, because the first 75 ticket purchases will be paired with a homemade flower crown from Bubbly & Bloom, to wear as you indulge and sip your way through Terra’s gorgeous garden atrium. Buon appetito!

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