Taylor Swift Tuesdays in Southie


Are you ready for it? Capo is calling all Swifties to South Boston for Taylor Swift Tuesdays starting on February 28th. Doors to the downstairs Supper Club open at 6:00pm so get there early to grab a spot so you can catch Anna Daley Young and It’s Ya Boy KR singing all the best Tswift tunes – and so you can be happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time while enjoying all of Capo’s pastas, pizzas and more. If you’re part of the gluten free gang, all the usual Gluten Free Tuesday Night options will be available as well. Make sure to book a reservation here for the Supper Club to enjoy a night of carbs and Taylor (what more could you ask for, really?) And follow Capo on IG to stay up to date on all their latest events.

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