Tasting Hour at The Hawthorne: Tequila & Mezcal

El Nariz/Shutterstock

Tasting hours at The Hawthorne are about more than just sipping booze, they’re about delving into the culture of a spirit, learning as much about history and people as flavor. On Monday, January 22nd, join Bar Manager Jared Sadoian for a Tequila tasting hour, where you’ll explore the world of agave and all that it has to offer. From spicy tequila to smoky mezcal to some regional offerings you’ve never heard of before, Jared will tell you about his travels through the agave-producing regions of Mexico and guide you through a comprehensive tasting of your delicious and complex subject matter. Tickets for the event are $40, including all course materials and tastings, and everyone must be 21 or older by the date of the event. Grab yours here.

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