Taste of Israel 2022

JArts Boston

Eat your way through delectable Israeli cuisine without leaving Boston. The Jewish Arts Collaborative (JArts) is hosting the fourth annual Taste of Israel Restaurant Week from Tuesday, January 25th-Tuesday, February 1st. Explore the delicious and diverse world of Israeli food through 40+ participating restaurants around the Greater Boston area. Each eatery is challenged to create 3-5 special dishes from JArt’s curated IsraeliBox (filled with kosher, nut-free ingredients) helping restaurants bring the smells and flavors of Israel right into the kitchen. Some of the participating restaurants include Town Meeting Bistro at the Inn at Hastings Park, Mamaleh’s, Juniper, J. P. Licks and Cafe Landwer. Map out your participation and scope out the special menus that are available for dine-in and takeout here

Besides ordering delectable dishes, the JArts Boston team have compiled a lengthy list of live events, articles, films and recipes for you to learn more about the melting pot of diverse cuisines that come together to create the Israeli culinary landscape. Keep an eye on the different events on JArts Boston Insta and sink your teeth into the full list of participating restaurants here. Not sure how to get started? Follow the JArts Boston to do list: 1. Eat. 2. Learn. 3. Repeat.

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