Taste America’s Raising The Bar

Provided by James Beard Foundation

Passionate about diversity and inclusion in Boston’s food and beverage scene? Head to the Boston Public Market on Thursday, February 6th for Taste America’s Raising the Bar Reception to talk about that topic in-detail while also getting your fill of amazing food and drink.

Irene Li of Mei Mei, Cecelia Lizotte of Suya Joint, Josue Louis of Bistro du Midi, Tatiana Rosana of Outlook Kitchen, Ellie Tiglao of Tanám, Kyisha Davenport of Tanám, Cairo Kironyo of Lolita Cucina and Tequila Bar, and Ezra Star of Drink will all be on site mixing up sips and making eats for you to enjoy. You’ll have the chance to chat with the chefs and industry pros one-on-one at this casual, walk-around style tasting event — plus, you’ll go home with hot tips on creating a more sustainable food environment at home.

Tickets are $75 each (and non-refundable), so check your schedule and then book your spot here.

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