Taco Tuesday Meets 4th of July

Joshua Resnick/Shutterstock

The 4th of July falls on a (Taco) Tuesday this year and the folks at Tremont 647 are making the most of it. Skip the traditional barbecue and spice things up with tacos in all-American-inspired varieties like bacon cheeseburger, fish and chips, barbecue chicken and more. They’re opening their kitchen (and bar) early at noon in honor of the holiday and celebrating through 10:00pm. Call Tremont 647 at 617.266.4600 to book a table, or just drop on by during your holiday festivities.

Taco Menu

Bacon Cheeseburger
shredded lettuce, tomato relish, bacon

BBQ Chicken

The Sausage Guy
peppers and onions, roasted garlic aioli

Fish and Chips
spicy tartar sauce, potato sticks

Grilled Summer Veggies
parmesan cheese, chopped almond

Grilled and Chilled Shrimp
hard shell, sesame aioli, crispy onions

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