A Supper of Cider & Cheese

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Feeling all wine-and-cheesed out? Sign on for Journeyman’s upcoming Cider & Cheese dinner, scheduled for Thursday, October 13th, for a whole new perspective over five tasty courses. Inspired by the season, chef Tru Lang & Co. look to Farnum Hill Cider’s Harrison Wood to pick the evening’s potables, which will showcase a variety of styles from all over New England. When it comes to the evening’s dairy pairings, they tap the talented Will Sissle of Formaggio to pick the cheeses. Tickets for the dinner, available online here, cost $115 each, which includes the ciders or, if you’re abstaining from alcohol, five booze-free, cider-based drinks. Give Journeyman a ring at 617.718.2333 with any questions.

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