Sticky Bun Ice Cream Pop-Up

If you’ve had one of Flour Bakery + Cafe’s iconic sticky buns, you already know they’re out of this world – now imagine them in ice cream form! Award-winning pastry chef and cookbook author Joanne Chang has partnered with the team at OddFellows to create the dessert combo you never knew you needed: Pecan Sticky Bun Ice Cream.

To celebrate the release of their tasty collaboration, Flour Bakery + Cafe and will be poppin’ up in the Chestnut Hill scoop shop on Saturday, June 25th from 10:00am-1:00pm armed with all things sticky buns including ready-to-enjoy four packs, baking kits and frozen packs. Plus, the folks at OddFellows will be making sticky bun ice cream sundaes (that’s the aforementioned Sticky Bun Ice Cream topped with extra sticky bun goo). You can pre-order your goodies online by 2:00pm on Thursday, June 23rd or pop over to Chestnut Hill day-of to see what’s available. If you want to ship some to someone far away (or right to your door) you can do that too – just click here for deets. 

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