Sour Power Hour with J. Wakefield

J. Wakefield Brewing Facebook

Drinking beer is even better when you’re drinking with the brewer who crafted it. On Thursday, August 2nd you can hang with J. Wakefield Brewing’s John Wakefield himself and head brewer Maria Cabre at Row 34’s Sour Power Hour. If you’re a follower of the craft beer scene, you might know Wakefield’s story — his wife gave him a $50 Mr. Beer homebrew kit for Christmas in 2005 and 9 years later, he opened his own company as one of the first beer makers to use a crowd-funded model of raising money. The Miami brewery is working its way up the East Coast to the seafood spot in Fort Point, where the peeps behind the bar will be pouring 5-6 sour beers on draft between 5:00 and 8:00pm. There’ll be plenty of time for you to chat with the ale masters in the bar & lounge area, and you can order off the raw bar menu if you need something to pair with your sips. Call 617.553.5900 with any questions, and see who else is going on Facebook.

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