Somms in the City on Insta

Rochambeau Facebook

Back Bay newcomer Rochambeau is putting their talented and knowledgeable wine expert, Billy Moriarity, to work on a weekly Wine Wednesday chat on Instagram Live. Every Wednesday at 7:30pm, he’ll be hosting Somms In The City, featuring guest sommeliers from all around town for a (remote) chat about wine – specific bottles they’re enjoying as well as more general wine-related topics. They’ll answer Qs and make recommendations so let your oenophile friends know and you can all tune in; it’ll be just like going to your favorite wine bar together…except on your couch and you can drink straight from the bottle (or you can keep it classy and get a straw) and no one will know. Mark your calendar or set yourself a reminder – Wednesdays at 7:30 here.

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