Yacht Rock Sunday

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Loyal Nine slows it down on Sunday evenings with soft rock jams and cocktails to match them. Dinner service begins early at 4:00pm on Yacht Rock Sundays and guests can dig in to dishes from chef Marc Sheehan while they enjoy the crooning vocals of 70s-era rock stars like Hall & Oates, Phil Collins, Styx and more. Bartender Frederick Yarm will be offering an expanded drink menu with cocktail creations inspired by the greatest hits (take a peek at a sample below.) The lyrical libations are docking at Loyal Nine from 4:00-9:00pm Sunday evenings through Labor Day. Call 617.945.2576 for more information.

Come Sail Away
Royal Funchal Yacht Club
madeira, creole shrub, falernum, lime

Don’t Fight It
you’ll wind up feelin’ so fine
gin, lillet blanc, green chartreuse, lime

Take the Long Way Home
all the greenery’s coming down
ango 5 year rum, madeira, grapefruit, mint

Hungry Like the Wolf
mouth is alive with juices like bourbon
bourbon, elderflower, pimm’s, ginger beer

Wheel in the Sky
like a bee in jalisco
tequila, honey, lime, absinthe, soda

I Can’t Dance
blame the cobbler
madeira, orange, averna, mole bitters

Don’t Lose My Number
madeira meets ricky
madeira, wray + nephew, lime, maraschino

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