Simjang Pop-Up at Pagu


Simjang brings playful Korean-American cooking to the diners of Central Mass, and on Sunday, October 28th, chef Jared Forman and his team are taking over PAGU in Cambridge to bring this Worcester favorite right to your doorstep. PAGU’s chef Tracy Chang is handing over the keys to the whole restaurant, from the bar to the back of the house, so you can get the complete Simjang experience, from dumplings and smoked pork ribs to homemade soft-served ice cream (chocolate, cinnamon, and shiitake) and tiki-style cocktails like the Raft of Dead Monkeys (Rhum Agricole, Kina Kina, citrus). Check out the full menu down below, and make your reservations through Reserve online here.


simjang sling 10
mezcal, benedictine, cherry, citrus

screaming fat rat 11
r(h)ums, coconut, pineapple, orange

pineapple expresso 10
r(h)ums, pineapple & coffee, lime

raft of dead monkeys 10
rhum agricole, kina kina, citrus

ungle bird 10
year indian rum, campari, pineapple, lime

seventy-two swizzle 11
rhum agricole, sugar cane, lime


crying baby mouse 4
coconut, pineapple, orange

lightbean 4
espresso, lime, tonic


1/2 dozen glidden point oysters 18
gochujang cocktail, fish sauce mignonette, lime

crudo 14
chefs whim


korean caesar 8
lettuces, tofu, cured egg

grilled yu chyoi 9
braised peanuts, fried garlic

local beets 9
tofu, peaches, crunchy barley

uni noo-noos 15
buttered ramyun, sesame & nori

housemade dumplings 11
sweet soy


smoked pork ribs 14
sticky chunjang, pistachio, pickles

simjang burger 13
chicken fried onion, kimcheez, pickles
+bacon 2 +egg 2

tteokbokki 16
gochu tomato, oyster mushroom, rice crunch, nori

fall foraged mushroom fried rice* 18
ramp kimchi, egg

Korean fried chicken
wings 8 / thighs 8
pick a sauce: spicy gochujang, miso soy-garlic or simjang s & p


whole fried fish 24
green empress, daikon, crispy shallot, cashew

pork belly bossam 19
ssamjang, perilla leaf, kimchi, herbs

oyster jjigae 18
kimchi, hakurei turnip
ribeye for 2+

wood grilled huge rib eye 87
bomb butter, grilled seasonal veggies


our own soft serve
chocolate cinnamon shiitake

frozé cranberry
+ chocolate shell 1
featuring coopers dairy!

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