Friday Night French Classes


If you’ve always dreamed of sipping a glass of French wine and exclaiming things like, “la vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin,” (life is too short to drink bad wine), you’re definitely going to want to sign up for $15 French lessons on Friday nights at Rochambeau. Starting on Friday, January 6th, you can head to the Hynes-adjacent brasserie at 6:00pm for their Friday French Lessons Series with teacher Madame Erin Foley, who has several years of experience teaching both conversational and AP French.

Each week throughout the month you’ll gather for a meet and greet, loosen up with a complimentary glass of wine and then have a seat to explore topics such as “Bonjour vs. Bonsoir” (see the full list of classes below), with the aim of learning the basic language skills you’ll need to tackle any situation. Each class is $15 and open to the public, space is limited so make sure to grab a ticket on Eventbrite.

The full Rochambeau menu will be available to order a la carte, so you can enjoy a glass or two of Beaujolais and a charcuterie and cheese board while you practice your vowels, or make it a dinner date and order entrees and a bottle of vin rouge (that’s red wine — see? you’re already learning!). For questions about classes give the restaurant a call at 617.247.0400, and keep your eye on their Happenings page for any schedule changes and additions.

Friday French Lessons Series
January and February 2023 Classes

Friday, January 13th [6:00–8:00pm]
Class Title:  Bonjour vs. Bonsoir
Summary: Bonjour vs. Bonsoir – Join us on a conversational journey as the day becomes night, will you know the right things to say…? Learn introductions including how to state your name, ask how someone is doing and how to say what you do for work in French.

Friday, January 20th [6:00 –8:00pm]
Class Title:  Dinner with Friends
Summary: Let’s go out for a dinner in France. We’ll teach you how to order, how to ask for the check, and general restaurant etiquette.

Friday, January 27th [6:00–8:00pm]
Class Title:  Putting Yourself Out There
Summary: Learn how to get around the city, take an Uber, grab a cab, take the Paris Métro, get directions and read the basic signs!

Friday, February 3rd [6:00–8:00pm]
Class Title: l’ amour
Summary: Let’s find love. Learn how to take that big step and ask people out on dates, common pick-up lines and how to address people properly and not offend.

Friday, February 10th [6:00–8:00pm]
Class Title:  Slang + Swearing
Summary: Let’s face it, you’re not cool until you talk like the cool kids. In this class we’ll be talking about casual language, common sayings and phrases as well as a few swears. Yeah, we’re going there. So  – “Battre le fer pendant qu’il est chaud” and book your class today!

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