Robert Burns Supper from Bondir

Dariia / Adobe Stock

Chef Jason Bond is taking Bondir‘s annual tribute to the celebrated Scottish bard virtual this year so you can toast to Rabbie Burns at home (without having to make your own haggis). Scheduled for Monday, January 25th, the festivities include five pick-up-able courses, an optional Scotch pairing, a booklet of poems and a link to music and poetry to accompany the meal. Scope out the menu below ($114 for two people or $210 for two with Scotch) to see what Bond’s got planned – this is his eleventh Robert Burns Supper so you know you’re in good hands. Reserve your meal (and your Scotch) online here for pick-up and get ready for a bonnie evening of food and drink.

Whole Wheat Sourdough, Soda Bread, and Seaweed Butter

Oyster Stew, aged ham, smoked potatoes, and butter crackers

Grilled and Chilled Mackerel, beer mustard vinaigrette, Brussels salad

Wild Boar Haggis, neeps & greens, horseradish cream

Venison Occo Buco, red cabbage and dried fruits

Gingerbread Cake, huckleberry mousseline

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