Rail Trail x Black Hog Brewing Co. Beer Dinner

Black Hog Brewing Facebook/MMurray Photography

The beer-making mavens from Black Hog Brewing Company are coming from Connecticut to Rail Trail Flatbread Co. on Monday, June 10th to celebrate the very thing that inspired the brewery’s opening: a whole suckling pig. Pig roasts are part of how Black Hog Brewing co-founders Jason and Tom Sobocinski party with their Italian-Polish family and pork is at the core of every course in this feast. There are only 35 spots available for the evening, and you’ll have the opportunity to chat with both the chefs behind the creations and the brewers who crafted the pairings. Tickets are $85 apiece plus a processing fee — snatch yours up here before they’re gone.

Course One
Cheese & Charcuterie with House Made Rail Trail Breads and Black Hog Capicola
Served with Granola Brown

Course Two
Gnocchi with Fresh Lemon Sage Pesto, Pork Sausage, Ricotta
Served with S.W.A.G.

Course Three
Smokey Bacon Cassoulet, Roasted Pork, beans, Rail Trail Greek Salad
Served with Citra Seltzer

Course Four
Churro Flatbread served with New City Pina Colada Ice Cream
Served with Shook

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