Precinct’s Luck of the Irish Menu

Precinct Kitchen + Bar

Save your shenanigans for Saturday night and pay tribute to the Irish in a pre-St. Paddy’s Day party at Precinct Kitchen + Bar, the former home of Boston Police Headquarters, on Thursday, March 15th and Friday, March 16th. Chef Olivier Senoussaoui is serving Irish-influenced eats like Corned Beef Poppers and Cheddar & Guinness Dip along with specialty cocktails, most notably the Officer Paddy Ryan made with Irish whiskey, Irish cream, espresso and a lucky charms garnish. Traditional and modern Irish music from Boston-based Matt & Shannon Heaton will be live both nights. See the full menu below, and call 617.532.3827 with any questions.

Corned Beef Poppers
Beer-battered corned beef, mustard sauce, 12

Orange Glazed Chicken Wings
Cashel blue dressing, 12

Bruschetta & Goat Cheese
Green pesto, 12

Cheddar & Guinness Dip
Spinach, onion, cream cheese, 12

Irish Potato Cakes
Asiago cheese, Cashel blue cheese, sharp cheddar cheese, onions, peppers, ranch dressing, 12

Deep Fried Brie
With cranberry sauce, 12

Irish Nachos
With thinly fried skin-on potato chips, 12

Bacon Whiskey Smash
Bacon-infused Paddy Irish whiskey, lemon juice, mint, 14

Buddy Maclean
Paddy Irish whiskey, dragon fruit, flaming orange, 14

Paddy’s Palmer
Paddy Irish whiskey, Fireball, lemonade, iced tea, 14

Officer Paddy Ryan
Paddy Irish whiskey, Ryan’s Irish cream, espresso, garnished with Lucky Charms, 14

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