Phantom Gourmet’s 30th Anniversary Bash

The highly anticipated Phantom Gourmet’s 30th Anniversary Bash is set to take place at Summer Shack Cambridge on Monday, May 22nd from 6:00-8:00pm. The event is hosted by the Andelman brothers and invites all food enthusiasts, or phoodies, to commemorate the milestone with hours of food, live entertainment, and of course, phun. Attendees can enjoy a variety of foods from sushi to corn dogs provided by Summer Shack, Montilio’s pizza and cake, Harrows Chicken Pie, and Mendon Twin Drive-In popcorn and candy.

In addition to celebrating the anniversary, this event holds a special purpose. All proceeds from ticket sales, amounting to 100% of the revenue, will directly contribute to the Maizy Willis college fund. Maizy is the daughter of the late Tim Willis, a beloved chef at Summer Shack, whose untimely passing deeply impacted the culinary community. As this is an exclusive gathering, tickets are limited and must be purchased in advance here.

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