Pet Photos with Santa

State Park Instagram

Bundle up and get yourself and your beloved animal companion(s) over to State Park on Saturday, December 19th for a Pet Photo Shoot with Santa. The Kendall Square restaurant will be inviting Saint Nick to set up shop on their patio from 11:30am to 4:30pm for a fun photo sesh. Get your dog (or your cat, or your goldfish or any pet you think won’t try to kill you for taking it outdoors) all dressed up in its holiday attire for a sit-down and a few pics with the Big Man. There’ll be gift card promos, specials, giveaways and treats for fuzzy (or furry or scaly or feathered) friends. Plus State Park’s patio will be open for business serving piping hot cocktails and their full a la carte menu. Keep an eye on Insta for details or call 617.848.4355 with any Qs.

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