Parmezzana Pop-Up in Kenmore Sq.

Eastern Standard Facebook

Forget late night partying, it’s all about #latenightparming — Chicken Parm-ing, that is. On Monday, July 23rd, chef Colin Lynch is coming to the Eastern Standard kitchen, making his much-loved Chicken Parmezzana Sandwich (a fried chicken thigh drenched in Lynch’s take on Nashville Hot Dip and loaded with homemade mozzarella, tomato sauce, basil and oregano). The house-made sandos will be $8 and served alongside other Italian-inspired bites ’til they’re gone, plus a slew of wines will be poured from Selezioni Cantin Cellar Selections. The get-together gets going at 10:00pm — and continues through the wee hours — but plan to stop by before the chicken parm is gone. See who else is going on Facebook.

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