Not Your Basic Beer Dinner

Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Chef Paul Turano gives the usual beer dinner a non-traditional twist on Sunday, July 26th at the fifth annual Not Another Beer Dinner. As a nod to North Reading-based Tower Root Beer, which has been quenching New England’s thirst since 1914, Turano and his team at Tryst will be serving a three-course prix fixe incorporating the frothy beverage of your youth. The meal, priced at $34 per person, may just stir up a few foamy childhood memories – or not, if you go for the optional $14 cocktail pairing. Call Tryst at 781.641.2227 for a table (reservations are required), and bring on the fizzes.

$34.00/ $14 cocktail pairings

First Course
Chicken Lettuce Wraps
sassafras glaze, cucumber kimchee

Second Course
Tower Barbequed Beef Briquette
cheesy grits & cole slaw

Third Course
Cake & Ice cream
chocolate genoise, root beer buttercream & Tower float

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