Noches a Masa: Noches Peruanas

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If food is culture then eating is learning, and that sounds like a great excuse to us. Masa on Tremont Street is celebrating Noches a Masa, featuring a series of three-course tasting menus exploring the flavors and aromas of different Latin cultures. For February it’s a mini culinary excursion to Peru via the Noches Peruanas menu, which includes papas rellenas, lomo de cerdo and roasted sweet potato tart. The menus, prices at $28 per person, are available every Sunday and Monday from 5:00 to 7:00pm, now through the end of February. For info and reservations, visit here.

First Course
Papas Rellenas – chorizo, jack cheese & green olive potato tortas with ajiamarillo pepper molee

Main Course
Lomo de Cerdo – slow roast of vegetable and herb stuffed pork loin, Peruvian green rice, roasted baby potatoes, with sun-dried tomato + pisco

Roasted Sweet Potato Tart – canberrry marmalade, black mint whipped cream

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