National Pasta Day at Bambara


As if you need a(nother) reason to have your fill of spaghetti, bucatini, fusilli or rigatoni – Sunday, October 17th just so happens to be National Pasta Day. Celebrate the holiday with heaping plates at Bambara where Executive Chef Adam Resnick and his talented culinary team have rolled out an array of robust carb-laden plates including bucatini with puttanesca sauce, braised greens and pecorino and fusilli with herb-infused parmesan cream, roasted mixed mushrooms and sourdough crumbs. Mark your calendar and get ready to raise a glass and a fork (and a spoon, if that’ll help) in tribute this weekend or on World Pasta Day on Monday, October 25th or any time you see fit really. Book a table online or by calling 617.868.4444.

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