Musical Bingo at The Industry


Maybe you’ve ruled out playing bingo — no way, no how — especially if the word brings to mind a visual of old folks gathered at the rec center, but here’s a new take on the old time favorite that’ll change your tune. Every Thursday night, The Industry welcomes DJ Bren for Musical Bingo, a game in which each square on your bingo card has the name of a song instead of a number. The DJ will play up to 45 seconds of a well-known hit, and if you’ve got it on your card, cross it off! As is true in traditional bingo, once you’ve marked five in a row, that’s your cue to yell out the name of the game to share your win. Come see what all the buzz is about from 8:00 to 10:00pm, and call 617.297.9010 with any questions. As added incentive, they’re also offering a beer & pizza special throughout the evening — $20 for a pitcher of Corona Premier and a cheese pizza so pop on over to Adams Village for a pre-weekend evening of food, drink and fun.

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