MRA Educational Foundation Summit

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Working in the restaurant business is hard work, and with a constantly evolving industry, it’s imperative to keep up on trends, tech and tips for navigating the ever-changing landscape. On Tuesday, October 2nd, the Massachusetts Restaurant Association (MRA) is hosting a full day of six sessions from 9:00am through 3:00pm that’ll address all things restaurant-related. There’ll be speakers throughout the summit like Michael Farid, CEO of Spyce (where chef Daniel Boulud serves as Culinary Director), who will explain the convergence of hospitality & technology, Tiffany Lopinsky of Boston Foodies (read her Q & A here) who will share how to leverage social media and Molly Hopper of Eastern Standard who’ll be a panelist in a discussion about effective employee retention strategies.

Stick around for the keynote speaker, Tom Brady’s former personal chef Allen Campbell, who will be presenting about his experience with a sustainable food philosophy, planning menus with purpose and the future of dining. The cost is $115 for non-members and $95 per members, although there is a group discount if you’ve got 4 or more attendees from the same spot (so see if you can snag your work crew into attending altogether). Find more details and register online here.


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