Mind Your Manners at the Fairmont

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Whether you’re out at dinner with clients, friends, or a first date, it always pays to be polite. This month, The Fairmont Copley Plaza is partnering with Beaumont Etiquette for a pair of programs designed to help you brush up on the subtler aspects of modern socializing, from proper posture to social media manners. There won’t be any knuckle-wrapping or pinkies up, these courses are designed to be practical and useful from dating scenarios to dinners with the boss. The first course on Tuesday, June 19th, covers Social & Dining Etiquette (click here), and the second on Wednesday, June 20th, is all about best practices in Business & Dining (click here). Both run from 5:30 to 7:30pm, cost $125, and include light snacks and refreshments.

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