Milktooth in Kendall

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Indy diner Milktooth comes to Café ArtScience for a collaborative spring dinner. Chef Jonathan Brooks will join Brandon Baltzley in the Kendall Square kitchen on Sunday, April 23rd, where the culinary friends will turn their creative attentions to a lamb-centric prix fixe. In Indianapolis, Brooks serves up breakfast, brunch and lunch to critical acclaim (see: Conde Nast Traveler’s “World’s Best Restaurants List” and Bon Appetit’s “Hot Ten) and he’s bringing his skills to Cambridge to team up with Baltzley and pastry chef Giselle Miller. Seven courses incorporate seasonal ingredients – fiddlehead ferns, mint, stinging nettle and then some – with inventive lamb preparations – lamb bacon, lamb sweetbreads and smoked lamb leg, to name a few. The full menu (listed below) is available from 5:00-9:00pm for $135 per person, with optional cocktail and wine pairings for an extra $95. Reservations can be made by calling 857.999.2193.

Baby brussels sprouts, borscht, dill, lamb bacon
Shrimp brodo, radish, lamb fat, mint
Maine lobster, lamb sweetbreads, fiddlehead ferns, pine
Mussels, caramelized potato, pickled lamb tongue
Morel mushroom, smoked lamb leg, preserved blueberry, coffee
Lamb shoulder, mustards, stinging nettle, seaweeds
Melon, olive oil, hyssop
Sheep’s milk, rhubarb, sorrel, green tea

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