Mark Your Calendars for Better Bagels

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Tell the folks at work you’ll be running late on Thursday, November 5th and stop by Coppa for a bagel pop up that you won’t want to miss. Better Bagels—three Somerville guys using a shared kitchen in Malden to produce ultra-tasty New York style bagels—will be serving breakfast at 8:00am in the South End enoteca. Try plain, poppy, sesame, everything or salt bagels with an array of spreads that range from mortadella pimento to broccoli and trout roe cream cheese. Co-founder James Grimes claims these bagels are so good they don’t need to be toasted (though he’ll be happy to do it, if you insist). The pop up is a cash only affair and will last until the bagels sell out. There’s a limit of six bagels per person so bring a friend if you’re feeding a crowd. Click here for all the details.

Plain, Poppy, Sesame, Everything, Salt   $3

Mortadella Pimento Cheese   $6
Plain Cream Cheese   $6
Scallion Cream Cheese   $6
Whipped butter, Bottarga, Lemon, Espelette, Garlic   $6
Charred Broccoli Cream Cheese & Trout Roe $8
Avocado, Calabrian Chili $8
Coppa, Egg, Cheese   $11

Cream Cheese to Go
Scallion Cream Cheese $7
Plain Cream Cheese $7
Broccoli &Trout Roe Cream Cheese $9
Mortadella Pimento Cheese   $7
Avocado, Calabrian Chili $9

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