Cooking Class With Marc Orfaly

Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Meal prepping is all the rage these days, so if you’re looking for some tips, tricks and inspiration for the weekend, here’s your chance to learn from a someone who’s been nominated (seven times, nonetheless) for a James Beard award. On Monday, January 28th, Executive Chef Marc Orfaly — you might know him from ReelHouse — will teach you the best kept secrets for batch-able cooking with a focus on creating healthy meals without sacrificing flavor.

Become a budding sous chef for Orfaly between 6:00 and 9:00pm at the Boston Center for Adult Education, where you’ll help make a few dishes before taking a seat at the table to enjoy the meal with your fellow kitchen members and the chef himself. Tickets are $60 for BCAE members and $70 for non-members plus $20 for materials. Reserve your spot here.

1st Course
Versatile Creamy Hummus
Served with fattoush or ‘peasant’ style salad, za’atar toasted pita chips and crumbled feta

2nd Course
Basmati and Lentil Stir Fry
Served with shawarma style chicken kabob, Greek yogurt, and long horn peppers

3rd Course
Kung Pao Quinoa
Served with kimchi, pea pod leafs, za’atar crusted tuna, harissa aioli

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