Jewish Tunisian Pop-Up

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Kitchen Kibitz is taking over the town with their Jewish cuisine-inspired pop-ups, and this time they’re at Our Fathers on Thursday, February 22nd. Maybe you caught their Tel Aviv Brunch with Bar Mezzana or Schmoked Smaltz event with The Smoke Shop. The latest happening puts a Tunisian spin on the cookery, courtesy of chef de cuisine Jameson Poll and food expert Rafram Chaddad. Tickets are $60 each and includes four courses (see below), plus tax and gratuity — get yours here. The evening begins at 8:00pm, and a full cash bar is available.


Brik – tuna, six-minute egg, harissa

Hummus – tehina, harissa, markouk bread


Bamia – okra, tomatoes, black lime, cilantro

Aubergine Salad – eggplant, bell pepper, warm spices

Squash Tirshi – cardamom, pomegranate, mint

Beet Pickled Turnips

Pickled Persimmon, Dates

Celery, Schug


Lamb Tagine – couscous, preserved lemon, olives, barberries, baby fennel, schmaltzy leeks


Tunisian Orange Cake – almond, candied citrus, chantilly

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