Hungry Mother’s Musical Side

Hungry Mother co-owner John Kessen is a man of many talents, and they’re not just culinary. See for yourself when he performs the French horn with the New England Philharmonic on Sunday, March 1st. The Spring Awakening orchestra concert celebrates the coming season (and, just as importantly, the end of this one) with spirit-lifting music as well as an elaborate raffle full of items for food-lovers, including gift cards to Bar Boulud, Catalyst, Craigie on Main, Eastern Standard, Giulia, Sarma, Sonsie, State ParkViale and Hungry Mother. There are packages from Fazenda and Pavement for coffee buffs, too, and artwork from L’Espalier’s long-time maître d’ Louis Risoli. The event begins at 4:00pm at MIT’s Kresge Auditorium and tickets are $40 each ($25 each for seniors and $10 each for students.) For more information and to secure your seats, purchase tickets online here and get ready to come out of hibernation.

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