House of Suntory Sushi Night at ReelHouse Quincy

ReelHouse Marina Bay/Suntory

You can get very hands on with your dinner at ReelHouse Marina Bay on Thursday, March 9th at a special Sushi Night highlighting House of Suntory spirits. Chef Marc Orfaly and the ReelHouse bar team have a very interactive evening planned with a live sushi demonstration (you’ll make your own spicy salmon or tuna tacos!), and a tasting of some of Suntory’s most popular offerings (you’ll get to create the perfect highball cocktail with Toki Whiskey, Roku Gin or Haku Vodka!). The evening costs $55 per person, and includes one Suntory Beam specialty cocktail, the sushi demo and the spirits tasting. Sushi night runs from 6:00 to 9:00pm and you can grab your tickets here before heading to the waterfront in Quincy for a super fun night out!

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