Hops, Scotch and Tacos

Joshua Resnick/Shutterstock

Chef Brian Miller puts his own twist on Taco Tuesday at the Hops N Scotch in Inman Square. On Tuesday, April 5th, the Cambridge test kitchen will be serving the weekday Mexican favorites with creative fillings like pork belly and pineapple, or spicy mahi with salsa verde. The tacos are available for $3-4 each and you can take a peek at what’s on the tortilla below. More Taco Tuesdays (and more tasty takes) are on the way, so keep an eye out and call 857.242.4980 with any questions.

lamb. pickled cabbage. mustard seed. buttermilk aioli. 4
pork belly. pineapple. green chilies. aioli. 4
roasted cauliflower. sour raisins. capers. mole.  3
pulled chicken. smoky salsa negra. red onion. avocado. 3
spicy mahi. cucumber. salsa verde. lime aioli. 3

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