Hell Night at the Automatic

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On Monday, October 30th, go to Hell…at the Automatic Food & Drink’s Hell Night. Back from the dead this Halloween season, Hell Night was a super spicy repertoire staple at the original East Coast Grill, and is being revived by Automatic owners and part-time necromancers Chris Schlesinger and Dave Cagle. With devilish appetizers like Three Drunk Devils on Horseback (blue cheese, bacon, cherry pepper jam) and Frito Pie from HELL (chili, longhorn cheese, Inner Beauty sauce), the night is sure to put a fire in your belly, which you can wash down with one of the Automatic’s crafty cocktails or local brews. The last Hell Night event sold out, so make a deal with the devil and get yourself a reservation by emailing reservations@theautomaticbar.com.

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