Grinch-Themed Donut Pop-Up

Joshua Livsey Instagram

Harvest is turning into Whoville on Saturday, December 8th with a Grinch-inspired donut pop-up shop. Get in line early (around 9:30am) because once 10:00am rolls around, these glazed breakfast treats will disappear faster than Mr. Grinch steals presents from under the tree. Executive Pastry Chef Joshua Livsey is the brains and the brawn behind the baking, and he’s created five flavors for your eating pleasure: Where are you, Chris-mint (mint chocolate), Who Pudding (eggnog), Max Snax (gingerbread), Cinn-dy Lou Who (cinnamon) and You’re a Green One, Mr. Grinch (pistachio). Snag one for $3 a pop, plus tax — call 617.868.2255 with any Qs.

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