Wizards & Witches Dinner

Fairmont Copley Plaza Facebook

Grab your wands, hop on your broomsticks and fly over to Fairmont Copley Plaza for their 3rd annual Wizards & Witches Dinner on Sunday, October 13th. Whether you’re a wizard, muggle or half-blood, all are invited to partake in a Hogwarts-inspired dinner from 5:00pm to 8:00pm featuring your favorite wizardly treats, like Butterbeer (for the adults), Hogwarts fried squid, turkey and chicken legs, and a Honeydukes candy bar.

Once you’ve stuffed yourself silly with all the goodies your stomach can manage, enter into the “Great Hall,” where you’ll be sorted into Houses, take potion classes, and snap pics in a Harry Potter photo booth, among other magical activities. Your ticket to Hogwarts is only $45 for kids, $90 for adults or $1,000 for a VIP ticket with personalized service from your very own house-elf. Get your tickets now and start rehearsing your spells.

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