Halloween Treats at Eventide

Eventide Fenway

Your friends at Eventide are having a shellfish-filled Halloween shindig on Saturday, October 30th. Swing by the Fenway spot between 7:00 and 9:00pm in your holiday attire for the chance to win everything from gift cards, Eventide merch (like shirts and hats) and cookbooks to soft serve tokens and whoopie pies.

They’ll have a full menu of a la carte goodies (to balance out all those mini Milky Ways and little Laffy Taffys) including old faves like their iconic brown butter lobster roll and crab toast, alongside new dishes like a Scallop Tostada with tahini beet puree and toasted sunflower seeds, and Madai Crudo with black vinegar pickles and gochujang tempura crisp. Costume contest winners will be announced at 8:30pm so plan (and dress) accordingly.

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