Halloween at the Charles Hotel


Chef Jody Adams brings the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve to your dinner plate with Rialto’s Orange, Bones and Black menu. The prix fixe celebrates the spooky season with themed dishes like red wine-roasted marrow bone, black squid ink bucatini and a pumpkin full of orange squash risotto. The four-course meal finishes up with a superstitious sweet, the Black Cat Crèma, from pastry chef Jonathan Posiko. A special Witches Brew cocktail will be cooked up to wash it all down and ward off any evil spirits. The Halloween feast is available on Saturday, October 31st for $85 per person. See the menu below and call 617.661.5050 to reserve your seat.

Osso… red wine roasted marrow bone, brioche toast fingers, fried shallots, pomegranate seeds, herb salad

Spookatini… black squid ink bucatini pasta, littleneck clams, charred tomatoes, smoked garlic, chilis

Carne di Cervo…  roasted vension chop, orange squash risotto in a pumpkin, black kale, walnuts

Black Cat Crèma…  warm chocolate cake, meringue bones, black and red raspberries, dirt

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