St. Patrick’s Day at Grafton St.

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Harvard Square’s Grafton Street Pub is named for a famous cobblestoned district in Dublin, so you’d better believe they’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. On both Saturday, March 16th and Sunday, March 17th, in addition to all of the whiskey and beer they’ll be serving Chef Joe Henderek’s special St. Patrick’s Day Menu with gems like an Irish Stout & Cheddar Fondue, Shepherd’s Pie, Guinness Beef Stew, and of course Corned Beef. Pair it with their Irish Breakfast cocktail (featuring Tullamore Dew, Tea, Lemon, and Raspberry Jam) for the full experience. All items are available a la carte, and they’ll be serving the regular brunch and dinner menus if someone in your party forgets to wear green. Click here to check out the full spread and call Grafton Street at 617.497.0400 for hours and additional information.

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